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How Can I Buy Bitcoin?

So you learned the basics of Bitcoin, and now you are excited about the possibilities and want to buy it. But how? Purchasing cryptocurrencies is easier every day than when Bitcoin was first launched in 2009. Today, you can buy Bitcoin directly from crypto exchange, peer-to-peer markets, Bitcoin ATMs, and even some traditional brokerage platforms. […]

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Remains Below $50,000

On September 8, Standard Chartered’s cryptocurrency research team predicted that Bitcoin prices could reach $ 100,000 in the last days of 2021 or the first few months of 2022. global. Advisor. However, Bitcoin did not attract strong momentum, except that it slightly exceeded the price of $ 50,000 in the first week of September. The […]

What is Bitcoin Lightning Network

Bitcoin scalability issues mean that small transactions can overload the blockchain. Lightning Network was created to fix this. Each block on the Bitcoin blockchain takes an average of 10 minutes to process, so the number of transactions that can be performed at one time is negligible. In 2016, developers Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon came […]

Can the Bitcoin Network Scale?

You have some bitcoins in your wallet and you want to use them for your daily purchases. What about a world where Visa, Mastercard and other financial services still dominate the market? Bitcoin’s ability to compete with other payment systems has long been debated in the crypto community. When the mysterious author Satoshi Nakamoto limited […]

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

When we talk about buying things with Bitcoin, many are in the black market full of dubious deals, off-record sales and illegal products, or millionaires looking for luxury yachts and private jets. Awaken the image. In fact, the list of products now available for purchase with Bitcoin is long. In the United States, more than […]

How to sell Bitcoin

Just like when you buy Bitcoin, you have different options for selling your digital assets. As mentioned in the previous section, Bitcoin can be purchased directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, P2P markets, or traditional brokers. With the exception of some Bitcoin ATMs, you can also sell cryptocurrencies through any of these channels. By placing […]