Breaking Crypto-Summit Stereotypes — Consensus: Singapore 2018

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A New Global Arena

Initially a hub for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-related projects for North America, this year’s second edition of Consensus is taking place in Singapore. Whilst attracting more than 8,000 attendees, with more than 50% of those being from outside of the United States, Consensus Singapore 2018 aims to become an answer to the growing global demand for specialized content and enhanced networking opportunities to satisfy the evergrowing appetite for development of the blockchain-related markets.

Along with TechXLR8 Asia, CoinDesk — the conference’s organizer —is proud to introduce projects like 5G Asia, NV & SDN, the AI Summit, and Project Kairos Asia. Across 2 days of powerful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking opportunities, Consensus Singapore will feature 75+ leading speakers, with 50+ top-tier sponsors.

Pretty much everyone who’s anyone in the cryptocurrency space, from startups to investors, and the established financial sector, is in Singapore for Consensus this week.

The Rise of Side-Events

Apart from the scheduled main events during the course of two days, many significant side-events take place that could turn out more beneficial and meaningful for large players in the industry. One example of such innovative events is an after-party hosted by Applicature, an ICO and blockchain consultancy firm, that took place on the 57th floor of the most prestigious hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands.

Consensus conference

Organized in a speed-dating style, top-tier industry players had the opportunity to pitch their projects to company’s influencers and gain valuable feedback and thoughts on idea implementations. Three most promising clients were chosen and accommodated for a limo-ride to Singapore’s most exclusive nightclub to proceed with discussions.

It’s worth noting that Aplicature had their own list of “most interesting projects of the year 2018.” The list is pretty fascinating and worth mentioning:

  1. Tallyx with their global trade platform
  2. NAGA Coin with its fast-growing ecosystem
  3. Linda X with their new exciting protocol
  4. Clintex with their blockchain clinical trials management system
  5. Argyle with their diamond-backed token economics

The above have managed to outrank others and position themselves on this list and proved themselves as the most disruptive and promising to the industry.

Consensus limo

Yet the format can be considered unorthodox, and more beneficial to the limited circle of projects, it gives a better insight and a direct communication between the two parties, avoiding the noise and the sometimes unrelated conversations which occur at common summits. In result, the guests gain the most efficient, encouraging, and direct way of pitching and bringing awareness for their projects.

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Images courtesy of CoinDesk.

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